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Eosos Elite provides you with essential information and tools for your nights out across the world.

As well as images, descriptions, location data and opening time information about each club, the App includes a number of tools and features to ensure you have the best night possible in the world’s leading clubs.

Club Contact Details

View a slide show of images of the Club, as well as quick and easy contact details activated at the slide of a button.

Club Description

Read about the Club before you visit with a detailed description written by the Eosos Team.

Opening Nights

See which nights the Club is open to help plan your night out.

Rate Club

Join the most exclusive, interactive and up to date nightlife directory worldwide. You can rate any club and give your input.



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About Eosos Elite

Eosos Elite was created under the vision to provide a global directory of the leading night clubs across the world. In today’s busy life, we need information quickly and easily. The Eosos Elite App provides not only essential information about the best nightclubs in the world’s leading cities, but also includes tools to help plan and enjoy your night.

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Download the Eosos Elite App now:



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